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Definition of Oaf

noun Originally, an elf's child; a changeling left by fairies or goblins; hence, a deformed or foolish child; a simpleton; an idiot.

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  • Oafish adjective Like an oaf; simple.
  • Admiralship noun The office or position oaf an admiral; also, the naval skill of an admiral.
  • Auf noun A changeling or elf child, -- that is, one left by fairies; a deformed or foolish child; a simpleton; an oaf.

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Examples of OAF. <it's not polite to call your brother a stupid oaf>; <anyone who took him for an oaf and tried to cheat him would be in for a nasty surprise> ...

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Origin: 1615–25; variant of auf, Middle English alfe, Old English ælf elf; cognate with German Alp nightmare. Related forms. oaf·ish, adjective. oaf·ish·ly, adverb ...

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[Old Norse alfr, elf, silly person; see albho- in Indo-European roots.] oaf ish adj. oaf ishВ·ly adv. oaf ishВ·ness n. oaf [Й™КЉf]. n. a stupid or loutish person. [variant of Old ...

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Oaf (from Old Norse elf) or the acronym OAF may refer to: ... OAF (station), a railway station on the Cityrail South Coast line in New South Wales; Associação ...

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A large, clumsy, slow witted buffoon. One that acts oaffishly.

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[edit] English. [edit] Alternative forms. auf. [edit] Pronunciation. (UK) IPA: /əʊf/; ( US) IPA: /oʊf/; Rhymes: -əʊf. [edit] Etymology. From auf, Old Norse álfr (“elf”) ...

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Complete information for OAF gene (protein-coding), OAF homolog (Drosophila)

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oaf В· Look up oaf at 1610s (implied in oafish), also auf (1620s), "a changeling; a foolish child left by the fairies" [Johnson], from a Scandinavian ...

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