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Definition of Oakum

  1. noun The material obtained by untwisting and picking into loose fiber old hemp ropes; -- used for calking the seams of ships, stopping leaks, etc.
  2. noun The coarse portion separated from flax or hemp in nackling.

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  • Chinse v. t. & v. i. To thrust oakum into (seams or chinks
  • Calk transitive verb To drive tarred oakum into the seams between the planks of (a ship, boat, etc.transitive verb To make an...
  • Meaking noun The process of picking out the oakum from the seams of a vessel which is to be recalked.
  • Ravehook noun A tool, hooked at the end, for enlarging or clearing seams for the reception of oakum.
  • Making-iron noun A tool somewhat like a chisel with a groove in it, used by calkers of ships to finish the seams after the oakum has been...

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From Middle English okome, from Old English ācumba (“oakum”, literally “that which has been combed out, off-combings”), a derivative of ācemban (“to comb ...

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