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plural of Oath

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  • Halidom noun Holiness; sanctity; sacred oath; sacred things; sanctuary; -- used chiefly in oaths.noun Holy doom; the Last Day.
  • Ods interj. A corruption of God's; -- formerly used in oaths and ejaculatory phrases.

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An oath is either a statement of fact or a promise calling upon something or someone that the oath maker considers sacred, usually God, as a witness to the ...

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2 ENTRIES FOUND: oath · Hippocratic oath (noun). oath. Definition of OATH. — see hippocratic oath. Learn More About OATH. Dictionary: Definition of "oath" ...


An invocation to God to witness the truth of a statement.

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The One-in-a-Thousand Society (OATHS) was founded in July 1992 by Ronald K . Hoeflin, Ph.D. OATHS is an international high IQ Society, at the 99.9th ...

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a solemn appeal to a deity, or to some revered person or thing, to witness one's determination to speak the truth, to keep a promise, etc.: to testify upon oath. 2.

Oaths of Enlistment and Oaths of Office - U.S. Army Center of Military ...

The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and oath for commissioned officers are as follows: "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and ...

U.S. Armed Forces Oath of Enlistment

Federal law requires everyone who enlists or re-enlists in the Armed Forces of the United States to take the enlistment oath.

Oath of Office - U.S. Senate

While the oath-taking dates back to the First Congress in 1789, the current oath is a product of the 1860s, drafted by Civil War-era members of Congress intent ...

NOVA | The Hippocratic Oath Today

Mar 27, 2001 ... Read classical and modern versions of the oath and a short article about its controversial nature today.

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a. A solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, often calling on God, a god, or a sacred object as witness. b. The words or formula of such a ...