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Definition of Oatmeal

  1. noun Meal made of oats.
  2. noun A plant of the genus Panicum; panic grass.

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  • Haversack noun A bag for oats or oatmeal.noun A bag or case, usually of stout cloth, in which a soldier carries his rations when on a...
  • Oatcake noun A cake made of oatmeal.
  • Clapcake noun Oatmeal cake or bread clapped or beaten till it is thin.
  • Burgoo noun A kind of oatmeal pudding, or thick gruel, used by seamen.
  • Brose noun Pottage made by pouring some boiling liquid on meal (esp. oatmeal
  • Stirabout noun A dish formed of oatmeal boiled in water to a certain consistency and frequently stirred, or of oatmeal and dripping mixed...
  • Crowdy noun A thick gruel of oatmeal and milk or water; food of the porridge kind.
  • Cake noun A small mass of dough baked; especially, a thin loaf from unleavened dough; as, an oatmeal cake; johnnycake.noun A sweetened...

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A friend of mine makes awesome stuff and you should go buy lots of it.

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Old Fashioned Quaker Oats; Steel Cut Oats; Quick Oats; Instant Quaker Oatmeal; Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal; High Fiber Instant Oatmeal; Oatmeal Express; Hot Oat Bran

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Six health benefits of eating oatmeal. ... Eating a bowl of oatmeal each morning is the perfect way to start your day off right.

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Every time it snows in a big city everyone is having the exact same conversation

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Oatmeal is a porridge-like cereal made of rolled oats. It is a good source of calcium and fiber, and can be used as a remedy for...

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Oats. What better way to gain the strength and energy to carry you through a hectic morning schedule than with a steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal.

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Oatmeal is a product of ground oat groats, cornmeal, peasemeal or a porridge made from this product. In the United States and Canada, 'oatmeal' can also refer to ...

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Oatmeal including oats, steel cut oatmeal, irish oatmeal, scotish oatmeal and more.