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Definition of Opisthobranchiata

noun plural A division of gastropod Mollusca, in which the breathing organs are usually situated behind the heart. It includes the tectibranchs and nudibranchs.

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  • Opisthobranchia noun plural Alt. of Opisthobranchiata
  • Opisthobranchiate adjective Of or pertaining to the Opisthobranchiata.noun One of the Opisthobranchiata.
  • Branchiogastropoda noun plural Those Gastropoda that breathe by branchiae, including the Prosobranchiata and Opisthobranchiata.
  • Euthyneura noun plural A large division of gastropod molluske, including the Pulmonifera and Opisthobranchiata.

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Opisthobranchiata - Meaning and definition. ... Look up: Opisthobranchiata. opisthobranchiata <zoology> A division of gastropod Mollusca, in which the - Cached

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Opisthobranchiata. OpisВ·thoВ·branВ·chiВ·aВ·ta. Definition of OPISTHOBRANCHIATA. synonym of opisthobranchia. Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: Opisthocoela - Cached

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Definition of opisthobranchiata in the Online Dictionary. Multiple meanings, detailed information and synonyms for

The Opisthobranchiata of South Africa - Rudolph Bergh - Google ... The_Opisthobranchiata_of_South_Africa.html?id= C3MwAQAAMAAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareThe ...

Glycera opisthobranchiata Marenzeller, 1879 - World Register of ...

Status, unaccepted (subjective synonym). Record status, Checked by Taxonomic Editor. Accepted name, Glycera americana Leidy, 1855. Rank, Species - Cached

Toxin Secretion and Tail Autotomy by Irritated Oxynoe panamensis ...

(Opisthobranchiata; Sacoglossa)1. RALPH A. L EWIN2. ABSTRACT : The green ... (Mollusca: Opisthobranchiata) by. Pilsbry and Olsson (1942) was based on - Cached

Report on Opisthobranchiata from the Abrolhos Islands, Western ...

n,eport on Opisthobranchiata froni Ihe ALrollios Mnrids, \Vestern Australi:i, with Description of a new parasiI.ic C'opepocl. I3j- Chas. H. ~'D~)NOGHTIE,. D.


Definition: opisthobranchiata. Search dictionary for. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) Opisthobranchia \O*pis`tho*bran"chi*a\, - Cached