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Definition of Optically

adverb By optics or sight; with reference to optics.

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  • Perspectively adverb Optically; as through a glass.adverb According to the rules of perspective.
  • Inactose noun A variety of sugar, found in certain plants. It is optically inactive.
  • Anisotropic adjective Not isotropic; having different properties in different directions; thus, crystals of the isometric system are...

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Of or relating to sight; visual: an optical defect. 2. Designed to assist sight: optical instruments. 3. Of or relating to optics. 4. Relating to or using visible light: - Cached - Similar

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3 ENTRIES FOUND: optically (adverb) В· optically active (adjective) В· optically inactive (adjective). opВ·tiВ·calВ·ly. adv \Л€Рґp-ti-k(Й™-)lД“\. Definition of OPTICALLY. 1 - Cached

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For other uses, see Optic (disambiguation). Optics includes ..... Diffraction effects limit the ability for an optical detector to optically resolve separate light - Cached - Similar

Optically healable supramolecular polymers : Nature : Nature ...

Polymers with the ability to repair themselves after sustaining damage could extend the lifetimes of materials used in many applications. Most approaches to

Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 018101 (2012): Optically Trapped Gold ...

3 Jan 2012 ... Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 018101 (2012) [5 pages]. Optically Trapped Gold Nanoparticle Enables Listening at the Microscale. Abstract. References

Optically monitoring voltage in neurons by photo-induced electron ...

7 Feb 2012 ... A key challenge for optically monitoring voltage is development of sensors that can give large and fast responses to changes in transmembrane

Optically-induced charge separation and terahertz emission in ...

Charge separation mediated by linearly-polarized light in transparent insulators is analyzed numerically by integrating the equations of motion of a bound - Cached

Optically responsive switchable ionic liquid for internally-referenced ...

The sensitivity of intramolecular excimer-forming probes to local viscosity within a reversible carbamate ionic liquid system forms the basis for the - Cached

optically active compounds

does it have to do something about R,S configurations? I have no idea, what it is.. .and how to know whether a molecule is optically active or not - Cached - Similar

Tapes and Adhesives for Electronics: Optically Clear Adhesive

If you want an electronic display with accurate color and full display brightness, choose 3Mв„ў Optically Clear Adhesives. These free-film isotropic adhesives are - Cached