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Definition of Optimist

  1. noun One who holds the opinion that all events are ordered for the best.
  2. noun One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views; -- opposed to pessimist.

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  • Utopianist noun An Utopian; an optimist.
  • Pessimist noun One who advocates the doctrine of pessimism; -- opposed to optimist.noun One who looks on the dark side of things.adjective...

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Find out about membership, the foundation, events, local chapters, and news.

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For the Radiohead song, see Optimistic. "Positive thinking" redirects here. For songs of that title, see Positive Thinking. Optimism is a mental attitude that ...

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An optimist is a person with a positive outlook on life. See Optimism. Optimist may also refer to: A member of Optimist International В· Optimist, a small sailing ...

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... Acronyms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, 0.01 sec. opВ·tiВ·mist ( p t -m st). n. 1. One who usually expects a favorable outcome. 2. A believer in philosophical optimism .

The Optimist | A product of the JMC Network student media at ...

Twice-weekly student newspaper of Abilene Christian University.

US Optimist Dinghy Association (USODA)

All about the USODA, membership list, local results, events calendar, gear exchange, and who/what/where information.

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Apr 29, 2012 ... node-optimist - Light-weight option parsing for node.js.

Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services - Over 100 Years of ...

Provides care for thousands of abused and neglected children of all ages by extending care to underprivileged boys and girls of all ethnic backgrounds.

The Optimist -- The Only Comic On The Internet.

I am just pleased as punch to announce the release of OPT11, which as you might suspect contains all Optimist comics published in the year of Our Lord 2011 .