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Definition of Orbitar

adjective Orbital.

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Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Orbiter is a realistic 3D real-time space flight simulator program. Official site with free download.

Orbiter - Download

Manual ZIP file extraction is the traditional method for Orbiter installation. Download the ZIP file, create an Orbiter folder, and extract the contents of the ZIP ...

The Orbitar

The Orbitar, poi spinning musical instrument ... The Orbitar is a new multimedia musical instrument rooted in the ancient art of poi spinning.

Orbiter Online BBS and ISP Service

The Orbiter Race Timing System will register each lap and record race times as runners, equipped with smart chips, pass an Orbiter RFID reader.

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noun U.S. Aerospace . 1. Also called space shuttle orbiter. the crew- and payload-carrying component of the space shuttle. 2. a space probe designed to orbit a ...

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orВ·bitВ·er (Гґr b-t r) n. Something that orbits, especially a spacecraft that orbits a planet or moon without landing on it. orbiter [Л€Й”ЛђbЙЄtЙ™]

NASA - The Orbiter

Space Transportation System ... Orbiter Stats: Height: (on runway) 57 feet Length: 122 feet Wingspan: 78 feet