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Definition of Orchil

noun See Archil.

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orВ·chil (С„r k l, -ch l) also arВ·chil (Рґr -). n. 1. Any of several lichens, chiefly of the genera Roccella and Lecanora, from which a dye is obtained. 2. The violet dyestuff - Cached - Similar

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Orcein is a reddish-brown dye, orchil is a purple-blue dye. Orcein is also used as a stain in microscopy to visualize elastic fibers, Hepatitis B surface antigens, - Cached - Similar

Orchil Dye

16 Jun 1997 ... The poor person's purple. An article speculating on the history of this coloring, including bibliography and - Cached - Similar

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Website for Orchill Loch Trout Fishery with Photos, Weekly Reports - Cached - Similar

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Orchil definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached

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a violet dye obtained from some lichens by fermentation. It is also the term for any lichen that yields orchil (Roccella, Lecanora, Ochrolechin, and Evernia) and - Cached - Similar

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orchil /Л€Й”ЛђtКѓЙЄl/п»ї. в–¶noun. 1 a red or violet dye obtained from lichen, used as a source of litmus. 2 a lichen which produces this dye. [Roccella and other genera.] - Cached

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the origin, history and chemistry of purple dyes from - Cached - Similar

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Define orchil. What is orchil? orchil meaning, synonyms and audio pronunciation and more by Oxford Dictionaries Online (World English) - Cached

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