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Definition of Ordeal

  1. noun An ancient form of test to determine guilt or innocence, by appealing to a supernatural decision, -- once common in Europe, and still practiced in the East and by savage tribes.
  2. noun Any severe trial, or test; a painful experience.
  3. adjective Of or pertaining to trial by ordeal.

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  • Water ordeal Same as Ordeal by water. See the Note under Ordeal, n., 1.
  • Ordal noun Ordeal.
  • Tanghinia noun The ordeal tree. See under Ordeal.
  • Ordalian adjective Of or pertaining to trial by ordeal.
  • Sassy bark The bark of a West African leguminous tree (Erythrophlaeum Guineense, used by the natives as an ordeal poison, and also...
  • Corsned noun The morsel of execration; a species of ordeal consisting in the eating of a piece of bread consecrated by imprecation. If...

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Ordeal - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

a primitive means used to determine guilt or innocence by submitting the accused to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under supernatural control - Cached - Similar

Trial by ordeal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Trial by ordeal is a judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by subjecting them to an unpleasant, usually dangerous - Cached - Similar

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Ordeal definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

ordeal - definition of ordeal by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

A difficult or painful experience, especially one that severely tests character or endurance. See Synonyms at trial. 2. A method of trial in which the accused was - Cached - Similar

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Synonyms for ordeal at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the - Cached - Similar

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8 hours ago ... From Yahoo! News: A Malaysian wildlife trader held captive by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants for a year in the southern Philippines says he 094014325.html

ordeal (trial method) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

a trial or judgment of the truth of some claim or accusation by various means based on the belief that the outcome will reflect the judgment of supernatural - Cached - Similar

Bitter Ordeal (Future Sight) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

Bitter Ordeal. Mana Cost: 2 Black. Converted Mana Cost: 3. Types: Sorcery. Card Text: Search target player's library for a card and exile it. Then that player - Cached


A means of obtaining evidence by trials, through which the guilt or innocence of an accused person was supposedly - Cached - Similar