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noun plural A group of butterflies which includes the satyrs. See Satyr, 2.

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In Greek mythology, an Oread or Orestiad (бЅ€ПЃОµО¬ОґОµП‚ / ОЊПЃОµПѓП„О№О¬ОґОµП‚ from бЅ„ПЃОїП‚, "mountain") was a type of nymph that lived in mountains, valleys ...

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O`reВґa`des. n. pl. 1. (Zool.) A group of butterflies which includes the satyrs. See Satyr, 2.

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Marasmius oreades [ Basidiomycetes > Agaricales > Marasmiaceae > Marasmius. . . ] by Michael Kuo. This mushroom is often called the "fairy ring mushroom," since it ...

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Oreades O*re"a*des\, n. pl. [NL.] (Zo["o]l.) A group of butterflies which includes the satyrs. See Satyr , 2.

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For instance, Hesiod says that five daughters were born to Hekateros (Hecaterus) and the daughter of Phoroneus, ‘from whom sprang the mountain-ranging Nymphai [Oreades ...

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Hardy Ferns in Cultivation ... Etymology In Greek mythology the Oreades were the nymphs of the mountains.

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A PLANTS profile of Eucalyptus oreades () from the USDA PLANTS database

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oread (ЕЌr`Д“Дѓd'): see nymph nymph, in Greek mythology, female divinity associated with various natural objects. It is uncertain whether they were immortal or merely ...

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Oreades г‚Єгѓ¬г‚ўгѓ‡г‚№ The Oreades is essentially an upgraded version of the Alseides with increased power output emanating from its shoulder Energists.