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Definition of Orectic

adjective Of or pertaining to the desires; hence, impelling to gratification; appetitive.

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Origin: 1665–75; < Greek orektikуs appetitive, equivalent to orekt(уs) stretched out, longed for (derivative of orйgein to grasp for, desire) + -ikos -ic - Cached - Similar

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Dictionary of Difficult Words - orectic. orectic. a. pertaining to desires and their satisfaction. orexis, n. mental desire; effort. Find a word. Find a difficult word - Cached - Simi

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[from Greek orektikos causing desire, from oregein to desire]. Want to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to - Cached - Similar

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Dictionary; Thesaurus; Spanish; Medical; Concise Encyclopedia. orectic. orecВ·tic. adj \ИЇr-Л€ek-tik\. Definition of ORECTIC. : of or relating to orexis <orectic energy> - Cached - Similar

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▶adjective technical of or concerning desire or appetite. – origin C17 (as a noun in the sense 'stimulant for the appetite'): from Gk orektikos, from oregein 'reach - Cached

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OВ·recВ·tic a. [Gr. 'orektiko`s, fr. 'o`rexis, yearning after, from 'ore`gein to reach after.] (Philos.) - Cached - Similar

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orectic. Define; Relate; List; Discuss; See; Hear; Love. Log in or sign up to show 'orectic' some love. ... Lists. These user-created lists contain the word 'orectic' - Cached

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WEBSITE: LOCATION: New Mexico RECORDS: 102. LATEST RECORD: 3 months ago. JOINED: March 05, 2011. FEATURED RECORDS - Cached

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Define orectic. What is orectic? orectic meaning, synonyms and audio pronunciation and more by Oxford Dictionaries Online (World English) - Cached