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Definition of Outact

transitive verb To do or beyond; to exceed in acting.

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Definition of OUT. 1. a (1): in a direction away from the inside or center <went out into the garden> (2): outside <it's raining out> b: from among others c: away ...

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List all words that contain tact. 70 words found. atactic chemotactic chemotactically contact contacted contactee

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More Words. List all words ending with tact. 7 words found. contact intact noncontact outact

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outВ·age (ou t j) n. 1. A quantity or portion of something lacking after delivery or storage. 2. A temporary suspension of operation, especially of electric power.

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noun 1. an interruption or failure in the supply of power, especially electricity. 2. the period during which power is lost: a two-hour outage on the East Coast. 3. a ...

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Words that end with Ct, words ending with Ct, words ending in Ct, words with the suffix Ct | out | Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch

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What are 4 words that start with "punct"? ChaCha Answer: Punctuation, Punctuated, Punctilious and Punctual! ChaCha!