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Definition of Outbribe

transitive verb To surpass in bribing.

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Bribe | Define Bribe at

noun 1. money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person's performance as an ...

outcall - definition of outcall by the Free Online Dictionary ...

outВ·call (out kГґl) n. A visit by a professional person to a client or patient's home; a house call. Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

outburst - definition of outburst by the Free Online ...

outВ·burst (out bГ»rst) n. A sudden, violent display, as of activity or emotion: an outburst of indignation. outburst [Л€aКЉtЛЊbЙњЛђst] n. 1. a sudden and violent ...

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More Words. List all words ending with be. 106 words found. abbe acrophobe adobe aerobe agoraphobe

Outcasts | Define Outcasts at

noun 1. a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society: In the beginning the area was settled by outcasts, adventurers, and felons. 2. a homeless ...

Outbuilding: Definition with Outbuilding Pictures and Photos

Definition of Outbuilding with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information.

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List all words that contain rib. 392 words found. agribusiness agribusinesses agribusinessman agribusinessmen

surpass: Definition, Synonyms from

surpass tr.v. , -passed , -passing , -passes . To be beyond the limit, powers, or capacity of; transcend: misery that surpasses comprehension

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