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Definition of Outjet

noun That which jets out or projects from anything.

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Word Definition oakum old ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of ships oakus wallet; pocket billfold oast kiln to dry hops or malt obambulate

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outlandish - definition of outlandish by the Free Online ...

outВ·landВ·ish (out-l n d sh) adj. 1. Conspicuously unconventional; bizarre. See Synonyms at strange. 2. Strikingly unfamiliar. 3. Located far from civilized areas.

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outВ·liВ·er (out l r) n. 1. One whose domicile lies at an appreciable distance from his or her place of business. 2. A value far from most others in a set of data ...

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adjective 1. freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, as appearance, dress, objects, ideas, or practices; bizarre: outlandish clothes; outlandish questions. 2 ...

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