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Definition of Outpeer

transitive verb To excel.

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outperformance - definition of outperformance by the Free ...

outВ·perВ·form (out p r-fГґrm) tr.v. outВ·perВ·formed, outВ·perВ·formВ·ing, outВ·perВ·forms. To surpass (another) in performance. outperform [ЛЊЙ’КЉtpЙ™Л€fЙ”Лђm]

Outpacing | Define Outpacing at

verb (used with object), outВ·paced, outВ·pacВ·ing. to surpass or exceed, as in speed, development, or performance: a company that has consistently outpaced the ...

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Outpatient | Define Outpatient at

noun a patient who receives treatment at a hospital, as in an emergency room or clinic, but is not hospitalized. Also, out-pa·tient. Origin: 1705–15; out- + patient

outnumbered - definition of outnumbered by the Free Online ...

outВ·numВ·ber (out-n m b r) tr.v. outВ·numВ·bered, outВ·numВ·berВ·ing, outВ·numВ·bers. To exceed the number of; be more numerous than. outnumber [ЛЊaКЉtЛ€nКЊmbЙ™]

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outperformгЃ®ж„Џе‘і - и‹±е’Њиѕће…ё Weblioиѕћж›ё

A custom-designed chip, even with a slow clock, can easily outperform even the fastest general-purpose computer. г‚«г‚№г‚їгѓ гѓЃгѓѓгѓ—гЃЇгЂЃг‚Їгѓ­гѓѓг‚ЇгЃЊйЃ…гЃЏ ...