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Definition of Outward

  1. adverb Alt. of Outwards
  2. adjective Forming the superficial part; external; exterior; -- opposed to inward; as, an outward garment or layer.
  3. adjective Of or pertaining to the outer surface or to what is external; manifest; public.
  4. adjective Foreign; not civil or intestine; as, an outward war.
  5. adjective Tending to the exterior or outside.
  6. noun External form; exterior.

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  • Extance noun Outward existence.
  • Outbound adjective Outward bound.
  • Outbowed adjective Convex; curved outward.
  • Extern adjective External; outward; not inherent.noun A pupil in a seminary who lives without its walls; a day scholar.noun Outward form...

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