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Definition of Outwit

  1. transitive verb To surpass in wisdom, esp. in cunning; to defeat or overreach by superior craft.
  2. noun The faculty of acquiring wisdom by observation and experience, or the wisdom so acquired; -- opposed to inwit.

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  • Overwit transitive verb To outwit.
  • Kiddy transitive verb To deceive; to outwit; to hoax.noun A young fellow; formerly, a low thief.

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outВ·wit (out-w t ). tr.v. outВ·witВ·ted, outВ·witВ·ting, outВ·wits. 1. To surpass in cleverness or cunning; outsmart. 2. Archaic To surpass in - Cached - Similar

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to get the better of by superior cleverness : outsmart. 2. archaic : to surpass in wisdom. See outwit defined for English-language learners В» В· See outwit defined - Cached - Similar

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