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Definition of Ouzel

noun Same as Ousel.

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  • Water ouzel Any one of several species of small insessorial birds of the genus Cinclus (or Hydrobates
  • Water ousel Alt. of Water ouzel
  • Piet noun The dipper, or water ouzel.noun The magpie.

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The River Ouzel, also known as the River Lovat, is a river in England, and a tributary of the River Great Ouse. It rises in the Chiltern Hills and flows 20 miles ...

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Definition of OUZEL. 1. a: blackbird 1a b: ring ouzel. 2: dipper 2 . See ouzel defined for kids В» Variants of OUZEL. ouВ·zel also ouВ·sel \ Л€ Гј-zЙ™l\ Origin of OUZEL

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Welcome Ring Ouzel Study Group: The Ring Ouzel Study Group is a group of enthusiastic ornithologists who are particularly interested in ring ...

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Word Definition oakum old ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of ships oakus wallet; pocket billfold oast kiln to dry hops or malt obambulate

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Barbel Boost for Ouse and Ouzel

Once the most famous, indeed infamous, barbel river in the country - the River Great Ouse - has just received a barbel stock boost.

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