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Definition of Physa

noun A genus of fresh-water Pulmonifera, having reversed spiral shells. See Pond snail, under Pond.

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Kosmetikliegen, Relaxliegen, Massageliegenvon Profitieren Sie von hoher QualitГЇВїЕ“t zu gГЇВїЕ“nstigen Preisen und einer kurzen Lieferzeit.

Pouch/Tadpole Snail - Physa sp. - Age of Aquariums - Tropical ...

Beautiful photos and info about Physa Snails ... Most people think these little hitchhikers are just annoying, but I think they are kind of cute.

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Youth soccer organization with information on kids' soccer leagues in Pleasant Hill, Missouri - Physa sp

The ultimate online Tropical Fish resource. ... Distribution: Native to North America, Europe, and Asia, depending on the species.


The Physidae, sinistral pond snails, are commonly referred to as tadpole snails or pouch snails. They are widespread ...

Tadpole Snail - Physa Acuta - Practical Fishkeeping Forum

Other Freshwater Inverts Profiles ... Common Names: Bladder snail, Tadpole snail Scientific Name: Physa acuta Maximum Size: Maximum of 1/2” (1 to 2 cm) Temperature ...

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Lindas fotos e informações sobre Caramujos Trombetas da Malásia ... Geralmente estes moluscos vêm junto com as plantas vendidas em lojas de aquarismo.