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Definition of Ribaldry

noun The talk of a ribald; low, vulgar language; indecency; obscenity; lewdness; -- now chiefly applied to indecent language, but formerly, as by Chaucer, also to indecent acts or conduct.

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  • Ribaudry noun Ribaldry.
  • Ribaudy noun Ribaldry.
  • Harlotry noun Ribaldry; buffoonery; a ribald story.noun The trade or practice of prostitution; habitual or customary lewdness.noun...

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ribВ·aldВ·ry (r b l-dr , r -). n. pl. ribВ·aldВ·ries. Vulgar, lewdly humorous language or joking or an instance of it. ribaldry [Л€rЙЄbЙ™ldrЙЄ]. n. ribald language or behaviour ...

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Aug 25, 2011 ... Definition of RIBALDRY. 1. : a ribald quality or element. 2. a : ribald language or humor b : an instance of ribald language or humor ...

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