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Definition of Rickety

  1. adjective Affected with rickets.
  2. adjective Feeble in the joints; imperfect; weak; shaky.

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  • Ricketish adjective Rickety.
  • Shackly adjective Shaky; rickety.
  • Rachitic adjective Of or pertaining to rachitis; affected by rachitis; rickety.

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adjective, rickВ·etВ·iВ·er, rickВ·etВ·iВ·est. 1. likely to fall or collapse; shaky: a rickety chair. 2. feeble in the joints; tottering; infirm: a rickety old man. 3 ...

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rickВ·etВ·y (r k-t) adj. rickВ·etВ·iВ·er, rickВ·etВ·iВ·est. 1. Likely to break or fall apart; shaky. 2. Feeble with age; infirm. 3. Of, having, or resembling rickets.

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rickety adj. , -ier , -iest . Likely to break or fall apart; shaky. Feeble with age; infirm. Of, having, or resembling rickets

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Definition of RICKETY. 1: affected with rickets. 2. a: lacking stability or firmness : shaky 2a <a rickety coalition> b: in unsound physical condition <rickety ...

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adjective: unsound, broken-down. Synonyms: broken , decrepit , derelict , dilapidated ... adjective: falling apart; in ruins. Synonyms: battered, beat-up, broken-down ...

rickety - Definition of rickety

of or having rickets; weak in the joints; tottering; liable to fall or break down because weak; shaky

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Rickety is a troublesome turquoise truck. Oliver the Western Engine (cameo) Rickety's name was...

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Apr 10, 2012В В· Of an object: not strong or sturdy, as because of poor construction or upkeep; not safe or secure; giddy; shaky. He hesitated about climbing such a small ...