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Definition of Riding

  1. p. pr. & vb. n. of Ride
  2. noun One of the three jurisdictions into which the county of York, in England, is divided; -- formerly under the government of a reeve. They are called the North, the East, and the West, Riding.
  3. adjective Employed to travel; traveling; as, a riding clerk.
  4. adjective Used for riding on; as, a riding horse.
  5. adjective Used for riding, or when riding; devoted to riding; as, a riding whip; a riding habit; a riding day.
  6. noun The act or state of one who rides.
  7. noun A festival procession.
  8. noun Same as Ride, n., 3.
  9. noun A district in charge of an excise officer.

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  • Triding noun A riding. See Trithing.
  • Equitation noun A riding, or the act of riding, on horseback; horsemanship.

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Riding is a homonym of two distinct English words: From the word ride: Equestrianism, riding a horse; Riding animal, an animal bred or trained for riding; Ridin', ...

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ridВ·ing 2 (r d ng). n. 1. An administrative division or electoral division in Canada. 2 . Any one of three former administrative divisions of Yorkshire, England.

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