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Definition of Rider

  1. noun One who, or that which, rides.
  2. noun Formerly, an agent who went out with samples of goods to obtain orders; a commercial traveler.
  3. noun One who breaks or manages a horse.
  4. noun An addition or amendment to a manuscript or other document, which is attached on a separate piece of paper; in legislative practice, an additional clause annexed to a bill while in course of passage; something extra or burdensome that is imposed.
  5. noun A problem of more than usual difficulty added to another on an examination paper.
  6. noun A Dutch gold coin having the figure of a man on horseback stamped upon it.
  7. noun Rock material in a vein of ore, dividing it.
  8. noun An interior rib occasionally fixed in a ship's hold, reaching from the keelson to the beams of the lower deck, to strengthen her frame.
  9. noun The second tier of casks in a vessel's hold.
  10. noun A small forked weight which straddles the beam of a balance, along which it can be moved in the manner of the weight on a steelyard.
  11. noun A robber.

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