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Definition of Rietboc

noun The reedbuck, a South African antelope (Cervicapra arundinacea

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“RIETBOK” Air Accident

(a) General. On 13th March 1967 Vickers Viscount aircraft ZS-CVA, "Rietbok", ... South African Airways Viscount aircraft "Rietbok", with Capt. Lipawsky as the ...

Rietbok - Reedbuck - Redunca arundinum

Rietbok - Reedbuck - Redunca arundinum in Kruger National Park.

Rietbok and Pretoria Diseasters

SA ZS-CVA Viscount 818 , The Rietbok crashed, in the Indian Ocean , near East London on the 13 th of March 1967.There were 24 passengers ...

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variant spelling of reitbok. Variants of RIETBOK. rietbok or rietboc. Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: riever. Previous Word in the Dictionary: Riesling ...

Rietbok Hunting Farm

Rietbok Hunting Farm, a Self-catering,Safari Lodge in Vaalwater, Waterberg, Bushveld, Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, Limpopo Province, South Africa, Africa, ...

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reedВ·buck (r d b k ). n. Any of several African antelopes of the genus Redunca, having long hooves, small horns that curve forward, and a short bushy tail.

Rietbok Avenue, Monument Park Property Prices and Information

Get the latest property prices, sales information, property value estimates and information for property in Rietbok Avenue in Monument Park.

The mystery of the Rietbok (Non Fiction)

Hi all havent been around for a bit My Father is home but now he is starting the Chemo, I am just glad he is home. This is a two parter so as ...