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p. pr. & vb. n. of Rift

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Failed rifts are where continental rifting began, but then failed to continue to the point of break-up. Typically the transition from rifting to spreading develops at a - Cached - Similar

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n. 1. A narrow fissure in rock. 2. A break in friendly relations: a rift between siblings. v. riftВ·ed, riftВ·ing, rifts. v.intr. To split open; break. To cause to split open or - Cached - Similar

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Rifting is the process in which continental crust is extended and thinned, forming extensional sedimentary basins and/or mafic dyke-swarms. Rifts commence as - Cached

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Friend: Hey, wanna go hit up some bars tonight? Me: Nah man, I'm busy. Friend: Don't tell me you're still Rifting! Me: It's important, I have to test my new soul - Cached - Similar

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The basic idea in the Wilson cycle is that rifting tends to occur along old orogenic axis, so that these become the edges of the rifted continental fragments, which - Cached - Similar

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In this web focus we present opinion pieces, along with research and overview articles that explore the dynamic processes that occur during plate

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4 Feb 2012 ... reduce buttressing (e.g. rifting) could lead to additional acceleration ... ASE's floating ice (e.g. increased rifting) that broadly suggest additional - Cached

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8 Oct 2011 ... You can thank the stretching of continents and the oceans that filled those newly created basins for the Earth we know today. Rifting is one of - Cached

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Continental rifting eventually leads to formation of new ocean crust in the split ... Continental rifting all starts with hot, rising convection currents in the - Cached - Simil