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Definition of Rigidly

verb In a rigid manner; stiffly.

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  • Austerely adverb Severely; rigidly; sternly.
  • Skinbound adjective Having the skin adhering closely and rigidly to the flesh; hidebound.

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rigidly - definition of rigidly by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

Marked by a lack of flexibility; rigorous and exacting: "We have watered down a rigid training . . . until we now have an educational diet in many of our public high - Cached - Similar

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without any relaxation of standards or precision <the judge stuck rigidly to the letter of the law>. Synonyms exactly, precisely, rigidly, rigorously. Related Words - Cached

rigidly - Definition of rigidly

adjective. not bending or flexible; stiff and hard: a rigid metal girder; not moving; set; severe; strict; exacting: a rigid taskmaster. not deviating; rigorous: rigid - Cached - Similar

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Sign up for Twitter to follow rigidly (@rigidly). ... Get updates via SMS by texting follow rigidly to 40404 in the United States Codes for other countries!/rigidly - Cached

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rigidly / Л€rЙЄdК’Й™dli / || / Л€rЙЄdК’ЙЄdli/ adverbio. (stiffly) rРЅgidamente. (strictly) con rigidez, estrictamente. 'rigidly' also found in these Oxford entries: Spanish: Incas - Cached

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6 Mar 2012 ... Rigidly Rahmantic В· Wedding Night A.R.Rahman plucks the Harp strings intermittently, for the pinch of dilemma, hesitance, doubt and tension in - Cached

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Rigidly Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and - Cached

Address to the Unco Guid

Address to the Uncommonly Good, Or the Rigidly Righteous. My son, these maxims make a rule, And lump them all together: The Rigid Righteous is a fool, - Cached - Similar

WMA2 Two Stage, Rigidly Coupled, Vertical In-line, Low-Flow, High ...

The WMA2 is a two stage rigidly coupled pump designed to comply with API requirements for OH4 pumps. Like the HWMA2 pump, the high head hydraulics of,-Rigidly-Coupled,-Vertical-In- line,-Low-Flow,-High-Head-Proc

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American culture, even in its most rigidly segregated precincts, is patently and irrevocably composite. It is, regardless of all the hysterical protestations of those - Cached - Similar