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Definition of Rill

  1. noun A very small brook; a streamlet.
  2. noun See Rille.
  3. intransitive verb To run a small stream.

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  • Rillet noun A little rill.
  • Streamlet noun A small stream; a rivulet; a rill.

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noun a small rivulet or brook. Origin: 1530–40; < Dutch or Low German; compare Frisian ril - Welcome!

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rill also rille (r l) n. 1. A small brook; a rivulet. 2. A long narrow straight valley on the moon's surface. [Low German rille or Dutch ril, running stream; see rei ...

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Definition of RILL: a very small brook . Origin of RILL. Dutch ril or Low German rille; akin to Old English rД«th rivulet. First Known Use: 1538. Other Geology Terms


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rill - Definition of rill

a little brook; rivulet В· to flow in or like a rill