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Definition of Rime

  1. noun A rent or long aperture; a chink; a fissure; a crack.
  2. noun White frost; hoarfrost; congealed dew or vapor.
  3. intransitive verb To freeze or congeal into hoarfrost.
  4. noun A step or round of a ladder; a rung.
  5. noun Rhyme. See Rhyme.
  6. v. i. & v. t. To rhyme. See Rhyme.

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  • Rimed The past tense and past participle of Rime
  • Riming p. pr. & vb. n. of Rime
  • Rimy adjective Abounding with rime; frosty.

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Rime - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

an accumulation of granular ice tufts on the windward sides of exposed objects that is formed from supercooled fog or cloud and built out directly against the ...

Hard rime - Wikipedia on

Hard rime is a white ice that forms when the water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects. It is often seen on trees atop mountains and ridges in ...

Syllable rime - Wikipedia on

In the study of phonology in linguistics, the rime or rhyme of a syllable consists of a nucleus and an optional coda. It is the part of the syllable used in poetic ...

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rime - definition of rime by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

A coating of ice, as on grass and trees, formed when extremely cold water droplets freeze almost instantly on a cold surface. 2. A coating, as of mud or slime , ...

Rime - Spell - World of Warcraft

Your Obliterate has a 45% chance to cause your next Howling Blast or Icy Touch to consume no runes.

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The Rime Buddhist Center, Monastery & Tibetan Institute of Studies is a non- profit (501c3) religious and educational organization located at 700 West Pennway ...

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Also called rime ice. an opaque coating of tiny, white, granular ice particles, caused by the rapid freezing of supercooled water droplets on impact with an object.

What is a rime?

Apr 23, 2002 ... A rime is the part of a syllable which consists of its vowel and any consonant sounds that come after it.