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Definition of Ripe

  1. noun The bank of a river.
  2. superlative degree Ready for reaping or gathering; having attained perfection; mature; -- said of fruits, seeds, etc.; as, ripe grain.
  3. superlative degree Advanced to the state of fitness for use; mellow; as, ripe cheese; ripe wine.
  4. superlative degree Having attained its full development; mature; perfected; consummate.
  5. superlative degree Maturated or suppurated; ready to discharge; -- said of sores, tumors, etc.
  6. superlative degree Ready for action or effect; prepared.
  7. superlative degree Like ripened fruit in ruddiness and plumpness.
  8. superlative degree Intoxicated.
  9. intransitive verb To ripen; to grow ripe.
  10. transitive verb To mature; to ripen.

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