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Definition of Ripen

  1. intransitive verb To grow ripe; to become mature, as grain, fruit, flowers, and the like; as, grapes ripen in the sun.
  2. intransitive verb To approach or come to perfection.
  3. transitive verb To cause to mature; to make ripe; as, the warm days ripened the corn.
  4. transitive verb To mature; to fit or prepare; to bring to perfection; as, to ripen the judgment.

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  • Enripen transitive verb To ripen.
  • Ripened The past tense and past participle of Ripen
  • Ripening p. pr. & vb. n. of Ripen

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Ripe lemons. Ripening is a process in fruits that causes them to become more palatable. In general, a fruit becomes sweeter, less green, and softer as it ripens.

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ripВ·en (r p n). tr. & intr.v. ripВ·ened, ripВ·enВ·ing, ripВ·ens. To make or become ripe or riper; mature. See Synonyms at mature. rip enВ·er n. ripen [Л€raЙЄpЙ™n]. vb ...

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a : to bring to completeness or perfection b : to age or cure (cheese) to develop characteristic flavor, odor, body, texture, and color c : to improve flavor and ...

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/Л€raЙЄpЙ™n/ Show Spelled[rahy-puhn] Show IPA. verb (used with object), verb ( used without object). 1. to make or become ripe. 2. to bring or come to maturity, the ...

How to Ripen Avocados

If you've got rock-hard avocados and can't wait to make guacamole, there's a few things you can do to make your avocados get soft quicker.

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ripen (third-person singular simple present ripens, present participle ripening, simple ... as in botany: grain, fruit, flowers, and the like; as, grapes ripen in the sun.

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Ripen Creative | Web Design and Development. We have a total — and slightly geeky — commitment to providing the best for our clients, delivering everything ...

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Sometimes the old wives get it right. When your mother (perhaps even when she was a “youngish wife”) told you that putting an apple in a bag with a banana ...