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Definition of Ripple

  1. verb An implement, with teeth like those of a comb, for removing the seeds and seed vessels from flax, broom corn, etc.
  2. transitive verb To remove the seeds from (the stalks of flax, etc.
  3. transitive verb Hence, to scratch or tear.
  4. intransitive verb To become fretted or dimpled on the surface, as water when agitated or running over a rough bottom; to be covered with small waves or undulations, as a field of grain.
  5. intransitive verb To make a sound as of water running gently over a rough bottom, or the breaking of ripples on the shore.
  6. transitive verb To fret or dimple, as the surface of running water; to cover with small waves or undulations; as, the breeze rippled the lake.
  7. noun The fretting or dimpling of the surface, as of running water; little curling waves.
  8. noun A little wave or undulation; a sound such as is made by little waves; as, a ripple of laughter.
  9. noun a small wave on the surface of water or other liquids for which the driving force is not gravity, but surface tension.
  10. noun the residual AC component in the DC current output from a rectifier, expressed as a percentage of the steady component of the current.

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