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Definition of Ritual

  1. adjective Of or pertaining to rites or ritual; as, ritual service or sacrifices; the ritual law.
  2. noun A prescribed form of performing divine service in a particular church or communion; as, the Jewish ritual.
  3. noun Hence, the code of ceremonies observed by an organization; as, the ritual of the freemasons.
  4. noun A book containing the rites to be observed.

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  • Formulary adjective Stated; prescribed; ritual.noun A book containing stated and prescribed forms, as of oaths, declarations, prayers,...
  • Cussuetudinary noun A manual or ritual of customary devotional exercises.
  • Judaization noun The act of Judaizing; a conforming to the Jewish religion or ritual.
  • Ritualistic adjective Pertaining to, or in accordance with, a ritual; adhering to ritualism.
  • Solemnize transitive verb To perform with solemn or ritual ceremonies, or according to legal forms.transitive verb To dignify or honor by...

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A ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value. It may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, including by a religious community.

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