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Definition of Smallness

noun The quality or state of being small.

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  • Modicity noun Moderateness; smallness; meanness.
  • Exiguity noun Scantiness; smallness; thinness.
  • Exility adjective Smallness; meagerness; slenderness; fineness, thinness.
  • Paucity noun Fewness; smallness of number; scarcity.noun Smallnes of quantity; exiguity; insufficiency; as, paucity of blood.
  • Diminutiveness noun The quality of being diminutive; smallness; littleness; minuteness.
  • Fewness noun The state of being few; smallness of number; paucity.noun Brevity; conciseness.
  • Scantness noun The quality or condition of being scant; narrowness; smallness; insufficiency; scantiness.
  • Microphthalmy noun An unnatural smallness of the eyes, occurring as the result of disease or of imperfect development.
  • Scarcity noun The quality or condition of being scarce; smallness of quantity in proportion to the wants or demands; deficiency; lack of...

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smallness - definition of smallness by the Free Online Dictionary ...

adj. smallВ·er, smallВ·est. 1. Being below the average in size or magnitude. 2. Limited in importance or significance; trivial: a small matter. 3. Limited in degree or ...

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[edit] Noun. smallness (countable and uncountable; plural smallnesses) ... His smallness didn't bother him, except when he needed something off the top shelf.

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A japanese word for cute. Kawaii is basicly a person or something that's like a baby. Bigs eyes (baby), small nose (baby), small mouth (baby), big-...

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Concerning Smallness. Burke, Edmund. 1909-14. On the Sublime ...

TO avoid a sameness which may arise from the too frequent repetition of the same reasonings, and of illustrations of the same nature, I will not enter very ...

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small —adj. 1. comparatively little; limited in size, number, importance, etc. 2. of little importance or on a minor scale: a small business. 3. lacking in moral or ...

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Smallness Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

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the quality or state of being little in size <my grandmother was surprised by the smallness of the latest electronic devices>. Synonyms diminutiveness, fineness ...

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Apr 3, 2012 ... Inescapable Smallness: On Jenny Erpenbeck A young German novelist explores the logic of powerlessness.