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Definition of Smalt

transitive verb A deep blue pigment or coloring material used in various arts. It is a vitreous substance made of cobalt, potash, and calcined quartz fused, and reduced to a powder.

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  • Smalt-blue adjective Deep blue, like smalt.
  • Bise noun A pale blue pigment, prepared from the native blue carbonate of copper, or from smalt; -- called also blue bice.noun A cold...
  • Speiss noun A regulus consisting essentially of nickel, obtained as a residue in fusing cobalt and nickel ores with silica and sodium...
  • Zaffer noun A pigment obtained, usually by roasting cobalt glance with sand or quartz, as a dark earthy powder. It consists of crude...

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Smalt is powdered glass, colored to a deep powder blue hue using cobalt ions derived from cobalt oxide (see cobalt glass for the non-powdered glass). Smalt is ...

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SMALT efficiently aligns DNA sequencing reads with genomic reference sequences.

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Brief description of Smalt: It's a ground blue potassium glass containing cobalt used among the 15th and the 18th centuries. In Europe the use of smalt as an ...

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smalt (smГґlt). n. A deep blue paint and ceramic pigment produced by pulverizing a glass made of silica, potash, and cobalt oxide.

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a deep blue pigment consisting of a powdered glass that contains oxide of cobalt. Origin of SMALT. Middle French, from Old Italian smalto, of Germanic origin; ...

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a coloring agent made of blue glass produced by fusing silica, potassium carbonate, and cobalt oxide, used in powdered form to add color to vitreous materials.

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Smalt is ground blue cobalt containing glass. It was first described by Borghini in 1584. Smalt is produced by roasting cobalt ore. Cobalt oxide obtained was ...

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smalt. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search ... [edit] Etymology. From Italian smalto, from Germanic *smalt. Cognate with ...

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Chad Smalt is an Artist and Oil Painter living and working in New York.