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Definition of Smartweed

noun An acrid plant of the genus Polygonum (P. Hydropiper

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  • Water pepper Smartweed.Waterwort.
  • Culrage noun Smartweed (Polygonum Hydropiper
  • Arsesmart noun Smartweed; water pepper.
  • Polygonum noun A genus of plants embracing a large number of species, including bistort, knotweed, smartweed, etc.

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... amphibium – amphibious bistort, longroot smartweed, water smartweed, ... Polygonum lapathifolium – pale persicaria or nodding smartweed (Persicaria - Cached - Similar

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Smartweed, Water Pepper В« AQUAPLANT

Smartweed is a perennial plant that forms dense colonies in shallow water or moist soils and can grow to 3 feet tall. Stems are jointed or have swollen leaf nodes - Cached


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smartВ·weed (smРґrt w d ). n. Any of various marsh plants of the genus Polygonum, having sheathlike stipules and small, densely clustered pink, white, or green - Cached

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