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Definition of Smee

  1. noun The pintail duck.
  2. noun The widgeon.
  3. noun The poachard.
  4. noun The smew.

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The works of J. M. Barrie about Peter Pan feature many memorable characters. The numerous adaptations and sequels to those stories feature …

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Smee (Character) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... ... The content of this page was created by users. It has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.

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Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's trusted assistant and first mate in Peter Pan and its sequel. In all...

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Smee Smee\, n. [Cf. Smew .] (Zo["o]l.) (a) The pintail duck. (b) The widgeon. (c) The poachard. (d) The smew. [Prov. Eng.]

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Smee SMEE -noun 1. a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend. 2. a fellow member of a team or grou...

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Smee is Captain Hook's right-hand man. He seems an oddly genial man for a pirate; Barrie describes him as "Irish" and "a man who stabbed without offence ...

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Mission Statement Smee School District #15-3 is a public school located in Wakpala, South Dakota on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. We are dedicated to the ...