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Definition of Smicket

noun A woman's under-garment; a smock.

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Urban Dictionary: SMIB

n. Acronym for "Southern Maryland InBred". Refers primarily to the residents of St. Mary's Co Maryland, who are obsessed with lite beer, pro wrestl...

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verb (used with object) 1. to fuse or melt (ore) in order to separate the metal contained. 2. to obtain or refine (metal) in this way. Smelt Recipe www.mydailymoment ...

smiley - definition of smiley by the Free Online Dictionary ...

smilВ·ey (sm l) n. pl. smilВ·eys. An emoticon, especially a smiling facial glyph [ :-) ] used to express delight or to indicate humor or irony. adj.

smiling - definition of smiling by the Free Online Dictionary ...

smile (sm l) n. 1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.