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Definition of Smilax

  1. noun A genus of perennial climbing plants, usually with a prickly woody stem; green brier, or cat brier. The rootstocks of certain species are the source of the medicine called sarsaparilla.
  2. noun A delicate trailing plant (Myrsiphyllum asparagoides

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  • Bull brier A species of Smilax (S. Pseudo-China
  • Sarsaparilla noun Any plant of several tropical American species of Smilax.noun The bitter mucilaginous roots of such plants, used in medicine...
  • Pseudo-china noun The false china root, a plant of the genus Smilax (S. Pseudo-china
  • Parillin noun A glucoside resembling saponin, found in the root of sarsaparilla, smilax, etc., and extracted as a bitter white crystalline...

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Smilax is a genus of about 300–350 species, found in temperate zones, tropics and subtropics worldwide. In China for example about 80 are found (39 of which are ...

PLANTS Profile for Smilax (greenbrier) | USDA PLANTS

A PLANTS profile of Smilax (greenbrier) from the USDA PLANTS database

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Complete Smilax information guide and a large list of Smilax products.

Smilax - The School of Forest Resources and Conservation

The common names of smilax, greenbriar, catbriar, or briar, all refer to a number of closely related species that look similar enough to be grouped together in ...

PLANTS Profile for Smilax rotundifolia (roundleaf greenbrier ...

A PLANTS profile of Smilax rotundifolia (roundleaf greenbrier) from the USDA PLANTS database

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smiВ·lax (sm l ks) n. 1. See catbrier. 2. A slender vine (Asparagus asparagoides) that has glossy foliage and is popular as a floral decoration. [Latin sm lax ...