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Definition of Smite

  1. transitive verb To strike; to inflict a blow upon with the hand, or with any instrument held in the hand, or with a missile thrown by the hand; as, to smite with the fist, with a rod, sword, spear, or stone.
  2. transitive verb To cause to strike; to use as an instrument in striking or hurling.
  3. transitive verb To destroy the life of by beating, or by weapons of any kind; to slay by a blow; to kill; as, to smite one with the sword, or with an arrow or other instrument.
  4. transitive verb To put to rout in battle; to overthrow by war.
  5. transitive verb To blast; to destroy the life or vigor of, as by a stroke or by some visitation.
  6. transitive verb To afflict; to chasten; to punish.
  7. transitive verb To strike or affect with passion, as love or fear.
  8. intransitive verb To strike; to collide; to beat.
  9. noun The act of smiting; a blow.

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  • Smitten past participle of Smitep. p. of Smite.

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verb (used with object) 1. to strike or hit hard, with or as with the hand, a stick, or other weapon: She smote him on the back with her umbrella. 2. to deliver or ...

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To hit. 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot Chapter IV "Right you are!" I cried. "We must believe the other until we prove it false. We ...

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Smite is a holy damage spell used by non-Shadow priests. 1 5% 19 1.5 sec 2 5% 20 1.55 sec 3 5%...

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