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Definition of Smolderingness

noun Alt. of Smoulderingness

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Smoldering - definition of Smoldering by the Free Online ...

smolВ·der also smoulВ·der (sm l d r) intr.v. smolВ·dered also smoulВ·dered, smolВ·derВ·ing also smoulВ·derВ·ing, smolВ·ders also smoulВ·ders. 1. To burn with little ...

smooch - definition of smooch by the Free Online Dictionary ...

smooch (sm ch) Slang. n. A kiss. intr.v. smooched, smoochВ·ing, smoochВ·es. To kiss. [Alteration of English dialectal smouch, perhaps imitative of the sound of a kiss

Smooth Meaning and Definition

quotes, , topic, topics, ... (a.) To free from obstruction; to make easy. (a.) To make smooth; to make even on the surface by any means; as, to smooth a board with a ...

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I`m Moony

I`m Moony - ... The Prologue from the book, The Alchemist... The Alchemist picked up a book that someone in

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