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Definition of Smudge

  1. noun A suffocating smoke.
  2. noun A heap of damp combustibles partially ignited and burning slowly, placed on the windward side of a house, tent, or the like, in order, by the thick smoke, to keep off mosquitoes or other insects.
  3. noun That which is smeared upon anything; a stain; a blot; a smutch; a smear.
  4. transitive verb To stifle or smother with smoke; to smoke by means of a smudge.
  5. transitive verb To smear; to smutch; to soil; to blacken with smoke.

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  • Smudged The past tense and past participle of Smudge
  • Smudging p. pr. & vb. n. of Smudge

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smudge v. , smudged , smudging , smudges . To make dirty, especially in one small area. To smear or blur (something)

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noun 1. a dirty mark or smear. 2. a smeary state. 3. a stifling smoke. 4. a smoky fire, especially one made for driving away mosquitoes or safeguarding fruit trees ...

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Sometimes, one person will smudge another, or a group of people, using hands - or more often a feather - to lightly brush the smoke over the other person(s).

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Definition of SMUDGE. transitive verb. 1. a: to make a smudge on b: to soil as if by smudging. 2. a: to rub, daub, or wipe in a smeary manner b: to make indistinct ...

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smudge (sm j) v. smudged, smudgВ·ing, smudgВ·es. 1. To make dirty, especially in one small area. 2. To smear or blur (something). 3. To fill (an orchard or ...