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The past tense and past participle of Swaddle

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verb (used with object) 1. to bind (an infant, especially a newborn infant) with long, narrow strips of cloth to prevent free movement ; wrap tightly with clothes. 2 ...

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swadВ·dle (sw d l) tr.v. swadВ·dled, swadВ·dling, swadВ·dles. 1. To wrap or bind in bandages; swathe. 2. To wrap (a baby) in swaddling clothes. 3. To restrain or ...

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Find out why some newborns like to be snugly wrapped and how to do it properly.

Pediatrics for Parents

Researchers at University Children's Hospital, in Brussels, Belgium, concluded that, "[W]hen infants between six and 16 weeks of age sleep swaddled and supine, they sleep ...

Swaddled Bear

Swaddled Bear binder is a simple and easy way to swaddle baby better.

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Sweetly Swaddled - Houston, TX. Unique & Customizable Diaper Cakes and Baby Gifts

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Enjoy all of the fun and none of the fuss of a real newborn baby, with my OOAK (one of a kind) Custom and/or Portrait baby. No two are ever the same!