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The past tense and past participle of Swage

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noun 1. a tool for bending cold metal to a required shape. 2. a tool, die, or stamp for giving a particular shape to metal on an anvil, in a stamping press, etc. 3 ...

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A talurit swaged sleeve is used in a mechanical splicing system, to make an eye splice in a steel wire rope. The most common and useful type of end fitting for a wire ...

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swage (swДЃj) 1. to shape metal by hammering or by adapting it to a die. 2. to fuse, as suture material to the end of a suture needle. swage [swДЃj]

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A group of swaged out kids that chill together, and throw good party's. They call themselves wcters. No one real has the meaning of WCT. Everyone s...