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Definition of Swaging

p. pr. & vb. n. of Swage

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  • Snaphead noun A hemispherical or rounded head to a rivet or bolt; also, a swaging tool with a cavity in its face for forming such a...

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Tube Swaging Techniques - YouTube

Jun 1, 2009 ... This clip provides an in-depth look at the swaging process and addresses proper technique, tools and what to look for in a good swage.


Swaging is a process that is used to reduce or increase the diameter of tubes and /or rods.

Corbin Bullet Swaging Introduction

Bullet swaging is a method of using pressure to form a bullet, which is the inert metal portion of the cartridge (which becomes a projectile when fired) by using ...

Corbin Home Page

Make precision bullets with Corbin Swaging Technology. ... Click for help on step -by-step swaging of jacketed bullets. Swaging with your reloading press.

RCE, LLC - Bullet swaging presses

RCE, LLC - Bullet swaging presses, dies and accessories for home or custom bullet makers. Swaging uses only pressure to cold form lead, paper patched, ...

Illustration of the Swaging Process from RAF

RAF Electronic Hardware offers a wide selection of swage standoffs. A detailed illustration of the swaging process includes methods of installation.

Swaging process - Torrington Swager and Vaill End Forming ...

Torrington Swager & Vaill is the only forming machinery specialist offering all the most efficient technologies to form tube, bar and wire.

Master Swaging, Inc.

We've put together a little swaging information within these pages that we hope will answer your questions about swaged parts, and also to give you a bit of ...