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Definition of Swamp

  1. noun Wet, spongy land; soft, low ground saturated with water, but not usually covered with it; marshy ground away from the seashore.
  2. transitive verb To plunge or sink into a swamp.
  3. transitive verb To cause (a boat
  4. transitive verb Fig.: To plunge into difficulties and perils; to overwhelm; to ruin; to wreck.
  5. intransitive verb To sink or stick in a swamp; figuratively, to become involved in insuperable difficulties.
  6. intransitive verb To become filled with water, as a boat; to founder; to capsize or sink; figuratively, to be ruined; to be wrecked.

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  • Swamped The past tense and past participle of Swamp
  • Swamping p. pr. & vb. n. of Swamp
  • Bitternut noun The swamp hickory (Carya amara

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