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Definition of Swarthy

  1. adjective Being of a dark hue or dusky complexion; tawny; swart; as, swarthy faces.
  2. transitive verb To make swarthy.

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  • Swarth adjective Swart; swarthy.noun An apparition of a person about to die; a wraith.noun Sward; short grass.noun See Swath.
  • Swarty adjective Swarthy; tawny.
  • Swarthily adverb In a swarthy manner; with a tawny hue; duskily.
  • Arab noun One of a swarthy race occupying Arabia, and numerous in Syria, Northern Africa, etc.
  • Swarthiness noun The quality or state of being swarthy; a dusky or dark complexion; tawniness.

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Definition of SWARTHY: of a dark color, complexion, or cast — swar·thi·ness noun. See swarthy defined for English-language learners » See swarthy defined for kids »

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adjective, swarth·i·er, swarth·i·est. (of skin color, complexion, etc.) dark. Origin: 1570–80; unexplained variant of obsolete swarty ( swart + -y 1 ) Related ...

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swarthВ·y (swГґr) adj. swarthВ·iВ·er, swarthВ·iВ·est. Having a dark complexion or color. [Alteration of swarty, from swart.] swarth iВ·ly adv. swarth iВ·ness n.

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having a dark complexion

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1. swarthy Adjective used to describe any person with a dark complexion. "After his freak tanning clinic accident, he surely can't be surprised that he earned the ...

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The Swarthy gerbil, Gerbillus aquilus, is distributed mainly in eastern Iran, southern Afghanistan, and western Pakistan. Baillie (1996). Gerbillus aquilus. 2006.

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swarthy adj. , -ier , -iest . Having a dark complexion or color. [Alteration of swarty , from SWART .] swarthily swarth ' ily adv

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adjective: dark-complexioned. Synonyms: black , brown , brunet, dark , dark-hued ... adjective: dark hair and/or skin. Synonyms: bistered, brown, dusky, pigmented ...