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Definition of Swedish

  1. adjective Of or pertaining to Sweden or its inhabitants.
  2. noun The language of Swedes.

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  • Linnean adjective Of or pertaining to Linnaeus, the celebrated Swedish botanist.
  • Riksdaler noun A Swedish coin worth about twenty-seven cents. It was formerly the unit of value in Sweden.
  • Cronstedtite noun A mineral consisting principally of silicate of iron, and crystallizing in hexagonal prisms with perfect basal cleavage; --...
  • Ruta-baga noun A kind of turnip commonly with a large and long or ovoid yellowish root; a Swedish turnip. See Turnip.
  • Celsius noun The Celsius thermometer or scale, so called from Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, who invented it. It is the same as...
  • Swedenborgian noun One who holds the doctrines of the New Jerusalem church, as taught by Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish philosopher and...

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Swedish ( About this sound svenska (helpВ·info)) is a North Germanic language, spoken by approximately 10 million people, predominantly in Sweden and parts ...

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Swedish is the largest nonprofit health-care provider in the Greater Seattle area.

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Simple, comprehensive grammar and vocabulary review of Swedish.

Swedish Medical Center

Swedish Medical Center in Denver, CO, a Level I Trauma Center and a 368-bed acute care hospital, serves as the region's referral center for neurotrauma and is ...

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Details of Swedish, a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Sweden and Finland by and 9 million people.

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Online English to Swedish to English Dictionary. ... English to Swedish Dictionary . Exact Results. 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50., screensavers ...

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Swedish Motor Cars specializes in Saab, Volvo and BMW services, sales, and parts in Falls Church, Virginia.

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Sign up for Twitter to follow Swedish (@Swedish). Nonprofit health system serving Greater Seattle for more than 100 years. Updates by @melissatizon ...

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May 6, 1996 ... Svenska, as the Swedes call their language, is spoken by the approximately 8 million inhabitants of Sweden, as well as another 300000 people ...

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Jan 29, 2012 ... Automatic conjugation of Swedish verbs, with all inflectional forms.