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Definition of Sweepings

noun plural Things collected by sweeping; rubbish; as, the sweepings of a street.

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  • Riffraff noun Sweepings; refuse; the lowest order of society.
  • Shakings noun plural Deck sweepings, refuse of cordage, canvas, etc.
  • Sweepwasher noun One who extracts the residuum of precious metals from the sweepings, potsherds, etc., of refineries of gold and silver, or...

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Director: John Cromwell. . Actors: Lionel Barrymore: Daniel Pardway В· Eric Linden: Freddie Pardway В· William Gargan: Gene Pardway В· Gloria Stuart: Phoebe В· Alan ...

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sweepВ·ing (sw p ng) adj. 1. Having wide-ranging influence or effect: sweeping changes. 2. Moving in or as if in a wide curve: a sweeping gesture; a sweeping glance.

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adjective 1. of wide range or scope. 2. moving or passing about over a wide area: a sweeping glance. 3. moving, driving, or passing steadily and forcibly on. 4. (of ...

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Plot Lionel Barrymore plays a Marshall Field-like Chicago businessman who emerges from the wreckage of the 1871 fire to build a department-store empire. Sweepings: Macerio: MP3 Downloads

Original Release Date: July 19, 2011 ; Format - Music: MP3; Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPodВ®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

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Read articles and publications about Sweepings, 1933, directed by John Cromwell, with Lionel Barrymore, Eric Linden, William Gargan,

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That which is swept up. В· (countable) Plural form of sweeping

Policy #BWP-94-092: Reuse & Disposal of Street Sweepings | …

Guidance on Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection requirements, standards, and approvals for handling, reuse and disposal of street sweepings.