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Definition of Swelling

  1. p. pr. & vb. n. of Swell
  2. noun The act of that which swells; as, the swelling of rivers in spring; the swelling of the breast with pride.
  3. noun A protuberance; a prominence
  4. noun an unnatural prominence or protuberance; as, a scrofulous swelling.

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Swelling - words with similar meaning

  • High-swelling adjective Inflated; boastful.
  • Tumorous adjective Swelling; protuberant.adjective Inflated; bombastic.
  • Intumescent adjective Swelling up; expanding.
  • Bunchy adjective Swelling out in bunches.adjective Growing in bunches, or resembling a bunch; having tufts; as, the bird's bunchy...
  • Extumescence noun A swelling or rising.

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